Let me innnnnnnn

Today is the first day of Disney Parks' new annual passholder program, Magic Key. I, like an idiot who's just had a health scare and somehow has taken this to mean that I wish to do something kinda rando and dumb in order to affirm my life, decided that I should try to get them. I know that I won't possibly be able to use them for more than once or twice a year, but perhaps I could make those visits worth it? I'm not sure.

The screencap was taken about 10 minutes ago, and I've basically been on the same page for 6 hours at this point. Fun times. Will I even actually get to purchase these passes once I reach the front of the queue? Who even knows. I've always enjoyed the thrill of these sorts of endeavors. SDCC passes. Concert tickets, Stage passes. What have you. I'm...a little addicted to it. We'll see if this translates into me becoming a Disney annual passholder? 

EDIT: Well I decided not to get it after all. The price for 2 passes was just...too much...

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