Why do I do things like this?

Was enjoying a leisurely dinner outside when a bee flew close to my body. Me, being an idiot who doesn't know any better, sort of flailed at it because my default reaction to bugs flying near me is to instinctively flail because I grew up in Hawaii and you can flail at mosquitoes and moths and whatnot. Somehow the bee got caught in between my flipflop and the sole of my foot and then it stung me right under my pinky toe. Having never been stung before, I started to panic, worried that I was going to be one of those rare folk who are allergic to bee stings, go into anaphylactic shock, and then have to be rushed to the hospital. Well naturally, I always expect the worst, which doesn't come, so I'm always relieved afterwards. That's how I live my life and I'm sticking to that. Anyway, it hurt, a lot, a throbbing pain I'd never experienced before. But Jeff got the stinger out and gave me an ice pack to keep the swelling down, and it seemed to have worked. That, and also since I'm on my feet all day for my job, I believe the soles of my feet to be pretty calloused and thick, so I think that helped as well.

I will joke, however, that I took a bee sting so that our dog wouldn't have to suffer. So please, be proud of me.

I'm also kind of embarassed for unleashing a torrent of f-bombs outside when I think the neighbors were outside and able to hear me. Oops...

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