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Friday, September 3 2021

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Saw this movie today and it was fantastic. A modern-day wuxia with Marvel trappings, tapping into the tropes of kung-fu cinema while taking full advantage of that sweet Disney cash. I'd already known Simu Liu from Kim's Convenience, so much so that it was difficult to shake off the idea that Jung was trying to reconcile with his Appa. But all second generation Asian-Americans deal with this in some capacity or another, the balance between upholding your family's legacy and following one's own choices. And holy crap, Tony Leung is a revelation. He's already Hong Kong cinema royalty. Why did it take *this* long for Hollywood to cast him in anything? I don't want to mention much else for fear of spoilers but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was great to watch Michelle Yeoh keep up with Simu Liu in the sparring scene, I want Akwafina as my bestie, and Meng'er Zhang is wonderfully badass and I look forward to her future in the MCU the most. 

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