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Month: May 2022

Youtube obsessions

Youtube obsessions

The algorithm is real, folks.

I’d started watching a YT channel called Ordinary Adventures because they were one of the few Disney Park vloggers who did a really detailed overview of Disney World’s new Star Wars Hotel, Galactic Starcruiser. I found Peter and Kitra utterly charming and relatable and I binge-watched more of their videos. So now I’m getting recommendations for other channels to watch and I’m actually enjoying some of the suggested videos. Bill and Lisa’s Food and Travel channel is my new favorite obsession. Oops, now I’m that person who watches YT videos with no intention of going to any of the places featured in the video.

I just like to watch.

Honestly, my subscription list on YT varies, from reaction channels to gamers to even the Try Guys and anime vloggers. I don’t know if this makes me easier or harder for the algorithm to cater to. I just find many of these shows relaxing and entertaining, which, I suppose is the point

Speaking of relaxing, I had a playlist of just nature sounds, white noise, and lo-fi music streamers just for when I was extremely stressed out, which, when J’s mom was in a terrible mood, was often. With her gone, I decided to delete this playlist. I don’t need it anymore. I still has stress, for sure, but I can manage it so much easier now that there’s not a person in the house who is screaming at 3 in the morning.

So it goes.