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Month: December 2023

Some Doctor Who Word Vomit or Whatever

Some Doctor Who Word Vomit or Whatever

they really put it out there that you should be kinder to the earlier versions of you, the ones without as much experience, who still thought they knew everything about everything you should go on and hug that earlier version of yourself, be supportive and loving, because hindsight is 20/20 and while your present self has the gift of looking back, your past self is still dealing with the raw wounds instead of the fading scars


if what I’m hearing is right, and that RTD has said that the bi-generation means that every single previous incarnation of our favorite disaster alien now exists in the current timeline, that means that the Doctor is now able to reconnect with their companions. The hashing out of adventures as seen on Tales of the TARDIS happens, and it’s Gatwa!Doctor who gets to reel in the rewards of years of healing. “We’re Time Lords. We’re doing rehab out of order.” He said that. He really said that.

Which means that I really hope Whittaker!Doctor does get to discuss things AT LENGTH with Yaz. This Doctor constantly called her companions her fam, expressed wanting to be with Yaz, but still didn’t believe it would be possible because of past experiences with companions. It always turns out badly so why bother? The Doctor is now able to talk to their companions again, to deal with all that trauma and abandonment and hurt, and maybe come out of it, whole, with a brand new face, ready to go adventuring again.