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Month: August 2023

The Bear

The Bear

I finally finished watching The Bear (the Hulu show about a broken chef who inherits his late broken brother’s broken restaurant and its broken staff and they’re all broken together and it’s exquisite) and man o man that show is so completely in my wheelhouse of Things Michelle Likes in Her Media except the kitchen stress is soooo relatable and I could only watch a couple of episodes at a time because otherwise I’d be thinking about work lol

Like there’s a scene where the restaurant begins using what is essentially Doordash and orders pop up for sandwiches that number in the dozens. It reminded me of how, when we first got Doordash at work, someone ordered 10 pizzas at one time and then we realized that there’s no default limit to the amount of items one could order on the app. We made sure to set the inventory on the app afterwards. That was just waaaaay too real.

Don’t order 20 sandwiches on Doordash just because you can. Jesus H. Christ. No place that’s on Doordash needs to become your own personal caterer.

Anyway watch The Bear and its beautifully broken cast and their attempts to not be so broken.