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Month: November 2023

Doctor Who: The Star Beast

Doctor Who: The Star Beast

It’s interesting how much “The Star Beast” taps into nostalgia. Beep the Meep was always kind of a deep cut character, the ones from the DW extended universe that some in-the-know folks would latch onto (like, say, Frobisher) but was too ridiculous to ever consider being a part of the regular series continuity. But the RTD era has always reveled in the ridiculousness of it all, and the new special just FELT like his era of Who. I mean, why shouldn’t it?

I went in knowing the original Star Beast story and wondering how Russell was going to play with it. The foundations were still there but I loved how it was layered with more modern sensibilities. It’s nice to see Doctor Who finally and unequivocally saying Trans Rights. It’s about damn time and we are all the better for it.

I can’t really brain because I’m still recovering from having to work 10 full days in a row (bc thanksgiving at a grocery store is hell) but i will say that I really enjoyed it for the most part. Some of the stuff is silly, of course but that’s an RTD trademark. I’m still not 100% sold in the whole “well now that the Doctor is male-presenting again he can’t understand that we can just release the Metacrisis thing” though. But it’s a minor nitpick.

I LOVED L-O-V-E-D the UNIT Science Advisor btw. I can’t recall her name and I’m sorry but it’s wonderful to see UNIT be a reliable ally for the Doctor again.

I only wish we could’ve seen Wilf.