Hoggy warty hogwarts (derogatory)

Hoggy warty hogwarts (derogatory)

I hadn’t looked up much info on Hogwarts Legacy so all I learned about the game is through osmosis and i can’t believe it’s set so far back in history. I vaguely remember the goblin rebellions or whatever from History of Magic but this is so far in the past that i don’t think i would’ve been interested in playing the game anyway even if JKR wasn’t an obvious TERF. Will there ever be ANYTHING set in the Marauders Era???? Because that’s the only other setting I’d love to see.

Anywayyy I’m still mad at JKR about Nagini’s origin story and about the secret Dumbledore brother and the fact that she decided there were at least 3 wizarding schools of note in Europe but she could only be bothered to create one in each of the other continents, all of which are much much larger than Europe. And I was mad at her for all that even before we learned that she was a raging transphobe


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